fuel flow observation

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fuel flow observation

Beitrag von henri » Sa 8. Sep 2012, 23:41

did you notice the fuel flow when standing still ?
Airco off = 1,2 l/ hour ,
Airco on = 1,8 l/hour .

Very nice that one can see how much fuel the airco uses ! The extra fuel consumption is normal , but in most cars you can not see it .

Great car ! :D


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Re: fuel flow observation

Beitrag von reverse » Do 13. Sep 2012, 14:21

If you can't see a difference between A/C on/off in a car than maybe it shows fake consumption values.
At Volkswagen you have a direct information in form of an endless overrunning counter on the CAN-Bus which counts the fuel consumption in mikrolitres. Of course this signal isn't 100% perfect and the engine control has an additional curve on it, but practice shows, that it works really great.

The Artega-Headunit uses this signal without any compensation (except overrun protection for displaying purposes) and calculates it directly to time or distance depending on the view and car-state (average or actual cons., standing still (l/h) or driving (l/100km)) (as far as Artega SW engineer told me a few years ago).

e.g. newer Audi-models show potential to save energy by separating the consumption down to units which can be switched off (e.g. AC), but they use configured consumption values for this.